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I LOVE when everyone brings me a boat load of clothes for me to pick from. More the better. Don't bring the same kind of look.

Bring a variety of styles. Bring me dark colors (black, greys, navy, maroon, deep purple, dark greens and blues).  

Bring color (red, bright blues and greens, muted colors too) 

Bring light colors ( white, pastels, beige) I will only photograph light colors in studio. They blast out in photo if taken outside.

Bring different neck lines ( v-neck, boat-neck, round-neck, collared shirts, long sleeves and short sleeves. NO turtle necks or any shirt that covers your neck)  

Bring layers ( blazers, cardigan sweater, jean jacket, leather jacket) All must be form fitted. NO BAGGY layering!

Bring bottoms ( kakis, dark, med. & light rinse jeans, white jeans, slacks) I do a lot of 3/4 shots, so your pants need to match your tops.

Bring shoes ( Not too many, just a heel or a dress shoe to make you feel "done", if you are doing a model portfolio, bring a lot of shoes to match outfits) 

Bring accessories ( belts, nude & black bras and bandeaus, ties, simple classic jewelery or fashion forward chunky jewelery.


Nails:  Best nail colors are SHEER nudes, pinks and peaches, french manicure. No nail polish is WAY better then chipped old nails.

Skin: Well rested and well hydrated is a MUST for your skin. Avoid a tans and tanlines. Avoid salt and alcohol for 3 days before shoot.

Brows: Go to your "go to" brow specialist 3 days before session. Don't try someone new. Stick to how you groom your brows regularly.

Nails - skin - brows

Hair is one of the biggest issues for a lot of people. If you are not happy with your haircut or color, there is not much I can do. As a general rule you should not get a haircut the day before your shoot. I would go with 3 - 5 days before. 
There is nothing I can do in retouching to hide roots. Please have them done before session.
I like for everybody to come with their hair as done as possible - Although I will change hairstyles during the course of the shoot, I need to know how you like to wear your hair, this is especailly important for acting headshot that should reflect your personal style.
If you have certain special hair tools and products that work terrific on your hair, please bring them.. 


Come to session with no make up on at all. I rather start fresh face. If you decide to do your own makeup, do not put mascara on or lipstick. Do that here at studio. Everything else should be done before you get here.  

If you have certain make up that is the perfect color for you, please bring it.

Makeup Prep

In the days following the shoot you will get an email to an online gallery of your shoot which you can view your images and pick your images you want

what happens after my

Although makeup & hair is not required, it is strongly recommended, especially for Women. Even if you are skilled at doing your own makeup for daily use, doing makeup for on camera & photographs is different.  I was a professional make up artist for 14 years, you can see all my work on my

is make up & hair

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Cherry Hill, NJ -  Corner of Moore Ave.  Parking off Moore Ave.  Entrance is off Moore Ave.  1 mile from 295 exit 32  

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Looks are considered wardrobe changes. Along with the wardrobe we will change the lighting and backgrounds as well. You may add or take away one piece such as glasses or a jacket to a look without having count as a different look. 

What do I mean by looks?

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